Seybold Paper Cutter Parts Division Now Part of Colter & Peterson Inc.

PATERSON, NJ, USA—Colter & Peterson, Inc., reports it recently purchased the Harris-Seybold paper cutter parts division from Graphics Systems and Services, Inc. According to C&P, the co. has a long history with Seybold paper cutters, dating back to 1918 when one of the company founders, Erik Peterson, began working for Seybold Machine Co. Says the co. "In the future, please contact Colter & Peterson to order Harris-Seybold paper cutter parts. [We] also can supply update kits to allow most Harris-Seybold paper cutters to meet current OSHA and ANSI standards."

Contact Colter & Peterson at 800/932-0780, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit for more information.

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