Creo Demos Staccato at Graph/Converting Expo


CHICAGO, IL, USA —During Graph/Converting Expo 2004 (held Oct. 10-13, McCormick Place South, Chicago, IL, USA), Creo showcased the capabilties of its Staccato screening application in demonstrations by KBA North America, MAN Roland, and Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses.

According to Creo, Staccato screening increases the fidelity of printing by using high-frequency random placement of ink dots to resolve very fine detail. Adds the company, "Staccato screening creates smooth process color tints and vignettes, without artifacts such as rosettes and screening moiré, shape stepping, or abrupt tone jumps. Staccato also uses ink more efficiently than other screening methods, providing colors that are richer and brighter. The end result is printed material that stands out and process builds that look like special colors."

Creo customers, explains the prepress product manufacturer, such as the Niles, IL, USA-based Fort Dearborn Company, are using Staccato to expand product offerings and improve printing results.

"Staccato FM screening has definitely helped us achieve greater consistency and repeatability," explains Fort Dearborn's director of color technology Gyas Uddin. "One of the main reasons we adopted Staccato was its smooth lay-down of ink on a variety of substrates."

Among the products for which Fort Dearborn utilizes Staccato are color cards it prints for paint manufacturers; folding cartons (35 micron screening); and paper labels (20 micron screening).

For additional PFFC coverage of Staccato and Creo's Spotless printing product offering, check out The Latitudes of Lean (, the July 2004 cover story. Visit Creo at

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