GASC Charlotte Show Offers Flexo Deal

Graphic Arts: The Charlotte Show 2003
March 13 - 15, 2003, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC
Sponsored by The Graphic Arts Show Company Inc., Reston, VA;

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—Flexo printing will be a highlight of GASC's The Charlotte Show this spring. Event sponsor GASC says it's offering a new exhibit opportunity—FlexoTek Showcase—to equipment manufacturers and service providers in the flexo printing community for the bargain price of $900.

"We feel the market is ready to bridge the technology and service gap between traditional and digital offset printing and flexographic printing communities," states Regis Delmontagne, GASC president. "Commercial offset, both web and sheetfed shops, can benefit from expanding their service offering; flexo technology has come a long way in the last few years in terms of speed, quality, and run-length flexibility, to the point where the two technologies can coexist in the same workflow environment. Flexographers face similar business challenges to those commercial offset printers were facing several years ago, so there is much to learn that is beneficial to both groups," he adds.

FlexoTek Showcase, says GASC, offers flexo printers and equipment suppliers a chance to help bridge that perceived gap. "Located in a prominent position on the show floor at The Charlotte Show, the showcase will offer new exhibitors a fully furnished 6 x 8 ft exhibit space, which is ideal for new exhibitors to gain a show presence without a huge investment in time, staff, or funds. Space will include carpeting, one 4 ft draped table for literature or small sample demonstrations, one chair, basic electrical service, and a wastebasket, all included for fixed price of $900. These special exhibits will allow flexo-oriented businesses an opportunity to enter the offset marketplace easily and inexpensively, to help them asess the sales opportunities the offset community has to offer them," reports GASC.

The Charlotte Show attracts close to 10,000 visitors and covers nearly 60,000 sq ft of exhibit space, according to GASC. For more information, visit

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