Rockwell Automation Technical Support Centers Worldwide Earn Prestigious SCP Certification

MILWAUKEE, WI, USA—Rockwell Automation says all five of its worldwide Technical Support Centers have achieved certification under the prestigious Support Center Practices (SCP) Certification program. According to Rockwell, the pursuit and completion of the SCP certification process is part of its "ongoing commitment to provide superior technological support and services to customers around the globe."

Based on a stringent set of performance standards that are designed to reflect best practices in the industry, SCP Certification quantifies the effectiveness of customer support, explains Rockwell. "Each SCP audit involves a complex range of evaluations, including an extensive audit of operations and customer satisfaction levels," adds the manufacturer of automation systems and technology."

"As the only automation supplier to achieve SCP certification for all support centers worldwide, we are very pleased to receive independent validation for our commitment to superior customer support," states Pat Babington, VP of Rockwell's customer support maintenance group. "This is an outstanding achievement for us, and it is a real testament to the abilities, dedication, and commitment of our technical support specialists that make up our worldwide support network. Through this network, we are able to provide a consistent level of support to companies with operations across the world. The ability to do so has become increasingly important as the global economy expands and becomes more integrated," Babington adds.

Rockwell Automation's five Technical Support Centers employ 255 engineers, on-hand to serve more than 50,000 customers, says Rockwell. "Fielding more than 60,000 calls each month, the centers' technical support specialists respond to each incoming call in an average of one minute, providing [our] customers with timely, informed responses to questions and support needs," adds the company.

Rockwell Automation's now-certified Technical Support Centers are located in a diverse range of regions worldwide, including Cleveland, OH, USA; San Paolo, Brazil; Melbourne, Australia; Haan Gruiten, Germany; and Milton Keynes, UK.

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