Fischer & Krecke to show a Flexpress 16S-10 with significant new features

BIELEFELD, GERMANY—Press manufacturer Fischer & Krecke says it will exhibit the latest Flexpress 16S-10 central impression flexographic press for package printing. "The press will feature a number of significant new patents and developments and will be demonstrated in full production mode twice daily achieving speeds up to 600 meters per minute," says the OEM.

New features incorporated into F&K's Flexpress 16S-10 central impression flexographic press include the patented Flexpress Autoclean with a unique, simple inking system that saves make-ready time through a significantly faster inking process. "Autoclean is exceptionally easy to operate and is very service friendly," notes the manufactuer.

In addition, Fischer & Krecke will also be introducing Flexpress View in D├╝sseldorf, "an Internet-based service and maintenance system that delivers faster problem solving via exceptionally high transfer rates," explains F&K. "Flexpress View, among other advantages, now also allows for remote programming of servo motors. A mobile camera can deliver images of all events inside the press to the service personnel in Bielefeld or any given place in the world," adds the company.

Industry Integration
In cooperation with Advanced Vision Technology (AVT,, Fischer & Krecke also will unveil a new automatic management function, an “auto-pilot” that calibrates all print units at the same time," says F&K. "This newly developed, revolutionary system drastically reduces time and substrate needed for press makeready calibration. It also moves all units towards the substrate absolutely parallel."

The press maker also says it will demonstrate the high printing speeds possible with CI technology and UV flexo printing technology. "With a new UV print unit, [Fischer & Krecke's press] design allows the UV lamps/dryers to be pulled out to the side, thus providing for the easy cleaning and maintenance," reports the OEM.

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