NPES Meets with EPA Head

RESTON, VA, USA—According to the Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (NPES), its president, Regis Delmontagne, recently met with the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Christine Whitman. NPES, reports Delmontagne, and a multi-industry group of business and association executives, spoke with the former New Jersey governer about the EPA's responsibility to protect the environment without stifling economic growth; in addition, the group spoke to Whitman about the agency's new role in the war against terror.

According to the trade group, the meeting with Whitman included members of the Regulatory Improvement Council (RIC), a coalition in support of balancing environmental issues with economic growth. NPES says it's been an active RIC member for several years and "remains commited to sound environmental policy and a strong and healthy economy."

In the meeting, NPES reports Whitman emphasized the driving ethic of EPA under her watch will be to insist that environmental policy is based on sound science. Whitman reportedly discussed various clean air issues that will be addressed this year; specifically, the New Source Review rules and a multi-pollutant bill were mentioned.

According to NPES, Delmontagne also voiced a new and extremely critical issue facing the industry: the security and viability of the US Postal System and its ability to disseminate printed material in a post-September 11 environment.

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