Brand Protection: 'How the Leaders Do It' at Pira Event

Brand Protection Conference and Trade Show
Monday, September 30, and Tuesday, October 1, 2002
The Marriott East Side, NYC, USA

SURREY, U.K.—Did you know counterfeiting amounts to losses of $280 billion globally? That's accoring to Pira Intl., who adds: "Counterfeiting, parallel markets, and passing off are big and growing challenges to brand owners around the globe. Protecting your most valuable asset, your brand, has never been so important."

To address this growing problem, Pira is sponsoring a brand protection conference and trade show this fall. "Brand protection requires a complex approach across [your company], involving legislation, strategy, and technology," says Pira. " Companies are frustrated by fast-moving, well-organized professional counterfeiting organizations that are trying to stay one step ahead of the brand protectors constantly. An insufficiently protected brand is not just a risk to revenue streams, but also to customer loyalty and even customer safety, which is threatened by defective and inferior products that claim to be yours! Consumers may complain, but worse still they may never return or even pursue brand owners in court, where it will be necessary to prove that significant measures were taken to protect the brand."

The company continues: "With so much at stake for brand owners and in all industry sectors, it's now time to collaborate to find solutions to this problem.... Pira has brought together best-in-class examples from a variety of different industries to [address and discuss brand-protection issues across the globe]. Among the companies slated to speak at the packed two-day event: Microsoft, Polo Ralph Lauren, British American Tobacco, Glaxo Smithkine, Unilever, Levi & Strauss & Co., EMI Music, and Ford Motor Company.

Pira says through a series of case studies lead by industry experts, the presentations will cover the major issue facing brand owners today, including:

  • working with customs officials and law-enforcement organizations

  • how to work effectively with your competition to fight counterfeiting

  • the newest threats and challenges to your brand

  • preventative measures against parallel markets

  • assessing cost of brand protection and implementing a global brand-protection strategy

For more information on the conference, contact conference manager Ciaran Little at +44 (0) 1372 802039; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit Pira at

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