DuPont Packaging Unveils Resin "Transcend" at TAPPI Conference

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA—At TAPPI's Polymers, Laminations, and Coatings Conference Monday, DuPont introduced Transcend, a mid-performance extrusion coating sealant resin.

Specifically designed for good adhesion, Transcend provides better seal and hot tack performance on foil (as compared to metallocene and polyethylene), reports DuPont. Typical applications for the new resin include towelettes and swabs, dry soup, powdered drink mix pouches, and gravy and flavor-mix pouches.

Says Tim Kolakowski, DuPont Packaging's global market director, "In today's highly competitive marketplace, profitability comes from finding the package structure that meets all the packager's performance requirements, at the most economical cost."

According to the co., the new, differentiated offering of the resin was made possible through a proprietary manufacutring process that allows DuPont to modify the performance characteristics and make the product more efficiently than before.

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