Treofan Partners with Turkish Company

RAUNHEIM, GERMANY | BOPP film manufacturer Treofan has agreed to a strategic cooperation with sales specialist Köylü Matbaa Makinaları in the area of packaging and labeling solutions in Turkey. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Istanbul, Köylü is one of the country’s leading trading companies in the packaging and label industry. In partnership with Actega Terra, it reportedly was the first company to provide IML coatings to the Turkish market.

The collaboration with Treofan is said to give local processors and producers access to a wider range of system solutions that combine BOPP films with composite materials.

“Joining forces with Köylü is another step in the implementation of our growth strategy,” says Dr. Walter Bickel, Treofan’s CEO. “We’re systematically strengthening our presence in core markets so that we can react even more flexibly to local customers’ specific needs. We also expect the partnership to further stimulate our growth in the dynamic Turkish market.”

Mahmut Köylü, founder and CEO of Köylü, says, “Collaborating with both Treofan and Actega Terra will enable us to respond to our customers’ needs even more quickly and individually in future.


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