Kodak Announces Cloud-Based Analytics

ROCHESTER, NY | Kodak announces PRINERGY Cloud, an analytics-enabled cloud platform said to offer print service providers (PSPs) solutions to minimize cost and risk while driving business growth. Company says PRINERGY Cloud harnesses production data and turns it into easy-to-interpret dashboard reports of actionable information, allowing informed decision making in real-time. Customers can seamlessly integrate all PRINERGY Cloud services with existing on-premise Kodak workflow software and reportedly lower operating costs by reducing hardware and administrative overheads.

PRINERGY Cloud is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, which ensures fast, reliable, and secure cloud delivery. Customers will benefit from the 24/7 cloud service monitoring, delivering the highest levels of security and availability.

Developed in partnership with Yellowfin, PRINERGY Cloud’s Decision Analytics offers PSPs what is said to be the print industry’s first analytics-enabled workflow. This new capability delivers intuitive dashboards that provide visibility into production costs and system performance by continuously collecting data from operations.

All new PRINERGY Cloud services are Decision Analytics-enabled. This includes the System Performance Service for print production reporting, and File Archive and Backup for protection against data loss and automated archiving for higher levels of efficiency and security.


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