IIMAK Petitions Govt. to Investigate Foreign Violation of Trade Laws

AMHERST, NY, USA—International Imaging Materials Inc. (IIMAK) alleges "the dumping" of wax and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons—by manufacturers in Japan, the Republic of South Korea, and France—into the US market. Hence, the company has filed a petition with the US Government to investigate the illegal dumping of these foreign-produced thermal transfer ribbons (TTR).

According to an IIMAK press release, the company charges that, contrary to US law, wax and wax/resin manufacturers of TTR in jumbo- and slit-roll form (from these three countries) are selling product in the US below the prices charged in their home markets. This "dumping" of TTR has resulted in material injury to the US industry, says IIMAK.

IIMAK has requested the Dept. of Commerce (DOC) and the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to conduct an investigation into TTR imports from Japan, South Korea, and France.

States Dick Marshall, IIMAK president/CEO, "IIMAK has made an unparalleled investment in people, systems, facilities, and equipment to develop a world-class operation in Buffalo, New York. [We] cannot allow the unfair trade practices of selected offshore competitors to impact adversely the long-term viability of the US TTR industry," adding the company is confident its allegations will be upheld, and as a result, duties will be imposed [to the alleged violaters] before the end of 2003.

Learn more about IIMAK, a US-based manufacturer of thermal-transfer ribbons for tag and lable printers, facsimile machines, sign printers, ID card printers, and other specialty printers, at iimak.com.

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