Specialty Tapes Product Offers Fast, Efficient Splice


FRANKSVILLE, WI | Specialty Tapes, manufacturer of PSA tapes, now offers S172 is a high-tack, single coated silicone splicing tape designed to provide a working splice for coated two-side silicone-coated papers and films.

The backing side has a silicone release system that provides a similar silicone easy release as the spliced release paper or film. In addition, S172 is self wound, which is said to allow a fast and efficient splice. Backing is 1.2-mil polyester; adhesive is 1.7-mil silicone, total thickness is 2.9 mils, and temperature resistance is –50 to 400 deg F (–50 to 204.4 deg C).

Company says tape is well suited for converters, manufacturers of D/C tape, and manufacturers of release papers and films.

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