Milliken Chemical Receives Responsible Care Award


SPARTANBURG, SC, USA—Milliken Chemical reports its outstanding achievement under the chemical industry's environmental, health, safety, and security-performance initiative has garnered it recognition from the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

Recently bestowed with the Responsible Leadership Award presented by the ACC, Milliken Chemical says the award is an extraordinary accomplishment for it and its parent company, Milliken & Company.

"All Milliken associates can share in this recognition for our efforts to be good stewards of the environment, our workplace, and our products," notes John Rekers, PhD, president of Milliken Chemical. "Responsible Care is not merely a guideline for our company and for our industry, it is an integral part of the values we live by every day."

The Responsible Care Award, according to Milliken, recognizes companies that have demonstrated leadership in communicating with stakeholders, assuring safe workplaces, protecting the environment, forming alliances with other companies that subscribe to Responsible Care principles, and exhibiting leadership in product stewardship.

Responsible Care Awards are presented in three categories — small, medium, and large companies based on the number of employeee-hours worked. Milliken, which falls under the small category (less than 2 million hours), also received the award in 2001.

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