ITW Wants Hot Stamp PET Removed From Antidumping Duty Orders

WASHINGTON, DC | Dept. of Commerce officials met with representatives of ITW recently to discuss ITW's concerns regarding the availability of “hot stamp” PET film.

ITW said US manufacturers of this film have switched their production to a different PET film product in response to increased demand for other products. ITW stated it has asked certain US manufacturers (that are also the petitioners in the various antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings on PET film) to support partial revocation of the orders, insofar as the scope covers “hot stamp” PET film, but the US manufacturers refused.

With no domestic supply sources, ITW met with foreign producers but has found them unwilling to export to the US because of the possibility of being involved in administrative reviews.

On Nov. 9, 2010, ITW submitted a formal request for a changed circumstances review, the purpose of which would be to remove “hot stamp” PET film from the outstanding orders.

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