Smithers Pira Issues FMCG Packaging Outlook


LEATHERHEAD, SURREY, UK | Smithers Pira says developments in disruptive technologies in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) packaging are driven by both supply and demand factors, and their application is aimed at reducing costs and adding value. The organization is offering Ten Year Forecasts of Disruptive Technologies in FMCG Packaging to 2022.

The report identifies and profiles the top 25 disruptive technologies most expected to affect the FMCG packaging industry to 2022. It includes ten-year forecasts and illustrates the drivers, actualities, and outlook factors shaping the development and penetration of disruptive technologies in FMCG packaging.

Included in the report are in-depth definitions and descriptions; assessments of the potential impact of the top 25 disruptive technologies, and exclusive forecasts clearly illustrated with 55+ tables and figures.

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