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OPP Film Introduced for Cheese Packaging
AET Films
, New Castle, DE; 302/326-5500; 800/688-2044;
CHZ is a transparent BOPP film designed for use in cheese packaging. The two-side sealable, one-side treated, coextruded film is used for single-web plain or surface-printed applications on horizontal packaging machines. Said to provide excellent machinability over wide temperature ranges, along with good moisture barrier performance. Other reported features include good clarity and surface gloss, plus a print surface created for flexographic printing.

Paste Adhesive Made for Lead-Free Initiatives
, Rancho Dominguiz, CA; 310/764-4600
Ablebond 2000 Series electrically conductive die attach adhesives are designed specifically for plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packaging and matrix-style BGA designs. Materials are said to withstand higher temperature reflow for lead-free electronic assembly due to very low moisture absorption and optimized adhesion and stress. Co. reports product offers excellent dispensing characteristics and fast cure capability.

LLDPE Film is Multifunctional
Equistar Chemicals LP
, Houston, TX; 713/652-7300; 800/615-8999;
Plexar PX3227 is a low-cost, high-performance, anhydride-modified LLDPE tie-layer resin for use in extruding multilayer blown and cast film. The LLDPE component is said to provide heat resistance, clarity, and toughness. When used in PE/barrier film, product reportedly provides higher heat resistance than what is possible with EVA-based tie-layer resins. Co. reports the low melt index allows good bubble stability in blown film.

Ink System Boosts Productivity
Sun Chemical
, Northlake, IL; 708/562-0550;
Ultracorr ink system is said to boost the productivity of high-speed presses during multiple color runs and in-line die-cutting of high-hold-out corrugated stock. Co. reports that it offers ultra-fast drying with high color strength, excellent gloss, and superior rub resistance on highly unabsorbent substrates. Also said to feature excellent ink lay and exceptional coverage, without smearing during subsequent operations, including die-cutting.

Additive Provides Antistatic Properties
ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc.
, Northvale, NJ; 201/784-0620;
Co. offers Staticon 452 as an additive for all water-based liquids where antistatic properties are desired. Its polymeric structure creates an electrolytic latice formation that has conductive properties in the liquid, which reportedly allows for rapid static dissipation on a machine and a certain level of conductivity in the residual dried surface of the coated substrate. Product is used, as supplied, as a direct stir-in additive to water-based adhesives, coatings, inks, resins, and other liquids.

UV Flexo Inks Offer Color Strength
Deco-Chem Inc.
, Mishawaka, IN; 219/259-3787
Press-ready UV flexo ink has excellent compatibility with co.'s rotary screen inks. Rotary Flexo Plus (RFP) inks are designed to work with co.'s Rotary Label Plus rotary screen inks. Inks are said to have great color strength, excellent opacity, and outstanding mileage during long press runs. Inks are offered in a variety of colors and clears.

Dieless Stamping Foil Breaks New Ground
API Foils
, Lawrence, KS; 785/842-7674; 800/255-4605;
Dieless stamping foil can be applied without the use of etched dies. Said to offer improved flexibility of designs, reduced production costs, and extended choice of basestock. Enables the printing of half-tone true metallic effects. Reportedly allows clear, fine, detail foiling and enhances the design, as there is no recession of the foiled image into the substrate. Flexibility of process and the ease of makeready open up short-run possibilities. Foil range includes golds and silvers, bright metallic shades, and holographic foils.

UV Coating Provides Durability
Water Ink Technologies
, Lincolnton, NC; 800/426-4657;
Co. is introducing Duracoat, which is described as an ultra-durable chemical and water-resistant UV coating. Product is said to have a high gloss, a smooth clear finish, and excellent durability.

Rollem Insignia6 Flexo-Magnetic Die Cutter runs inline w/ Chameleon folder/gluer

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