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Platemaking Upgrade

Treviso, Italy | Nu-Maber, a flexographic printing plate production company, purchased two Concept 505 XP DW processors from DeGraf to replace two large-format washers. Nu-Maber serves packaging sectors that include food, nonfood, sanitary, beverages, tissue, and labels, and has won awards both nationally and internationally.

Livio Simionato, managing director of Nu-Maber, says, “In our plant we almost exclusively use Degraf machines for preparing and making flexographic plates, and the new Concept 505 XP DW is really a revolutionary unit. It combines the distinctive features of two machines, the 505 XP and the 505 DW, which previously could only be purchased separately. Both analog and digital plates may be washed individually, one by one, or continuously, without interruption, for higher productivity and a substantial decrease in plate processing time.”

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