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Idler rolls respond to web movement

The company's line of large lightweight idler rolls is designed for use with wide webs in low-tension applications. The low inertia of these precision machined rolls results in low break-away torques that allow the roll to respond readily to the web's movement. The idlers are made entirely of aluminum except for the bolt-on steel journals. Rolls are mounted in standard-pillow or pilot-flange hearings. Each roll is bored to retain a uniform wall thickness minimizing weight and providing natural balance. Wall thickness varies from .125 in. to .250 in., depending on the application. The idlers range in size from 8-in. to 16-in. in diameter with face lengths of up to 12 ft. A variety of surface treatments and finishes is available, including V-grooves for air removal, hardcoating for increased roll-surface durability and rubber covering for improved web traction. All idlers are balanced to operate at speeds up to 2,000 fpm and higher.

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