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Additive for Low Mist, High Speed
Rhodia Inc., Cranbury, NJ; 609/860-3601;
Silcolease AMA 745 is an anti-misting additive for high-speed, thermal, solventless systems. This silicone additive is said to reduce misting levels significantly without impairing cure, abrasion resistance, or release performance.

Tapes Stick to Tough Surfaces
Adhesives Research, Glen Rock, PA; 717/235-7979;
Arclad® 0068 double-faced repulpable splicing tape is said to have an aggressive adhesive for splicing hard-to-adhere-to paper and paperboard grades such as coated, uncoated, offset, tablet, rotogravure, kraft, toweling, linerboard, and specialty grades. Reportedly maintains tack over a range of environmental conditions. Highly visible green color allows operators to identify splices clearly during applications, co. notes. Suitable for use with automatic core starters and slitter/rewinders when performing core-starting and roll-finishing splicing applications.

Powder-Free Printing Solutions Available
Flint Ink, Ann Arbor, MI;734/622-6599;
Co. reports its fast-drying, sheet-fed offset ink and coating formulations enable converters to eliminate spray powders from the package printing process and achieve “powder-free” runs. Drying time is quickened with complementary aqueous coatings, co. says, adding that inks do not clog ink fountains. Powder-free inks are offered in multiple tack ranges, are suitable for a variety of substrates, and are fully recyclable.

Next Generation of Biodegradable Plastic
Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, TN; 413/224-0578;
EASTAR BIO Ultra copolyester biodegradable resin features a higher melt viscosity than its sister product, GP copolyester. Film made from resin is strong, durable, moisture-resistant, and provides good tear and puncture resistance, co. says. Applications include agricultural films, leaf and lawn waste bags, horticultural uses, and more.

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