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Produce Pre-Profiled Rolls

Winkler+Dünnebier, Neuwied, Germany; +49 (0) 2631/84/0;

The W+D 403 roll-fed profile cutting machine allows envelope manufacturers to produce pre-profiled rolls that allow the end product to be identified. Reportedly saves set-up costs during downstream processing and increases cost efficiency and security in production. Up to four individual profiled rolls are obtained from a basic roll of maximum width of 730 mm.

Clean UV Ink Safely

HarperScientific, Charlotte, NC; 866/588-8686;

UV Re-Leez is formulated for removing UV ink from narrow web presses, anilox rolls, and other equipment. Product is said to be safe and effective for ultrasonic tank use and noncorrosive for aluminum. Reportedly, advanced surfactant technology is environmentally friendly.

Embed RFID Tags

Worldlabel, Garrison, NY; 866/226-8669;

The Infinity V1 is a tag and inlay embedding system for Smart RFID label converting. Said to provide a low-cost method of converting RFID tags/inlays to be embedded accurately into a paper or film label even though each production batch has varying size labels and requires a different type of RFID tag to be embedded in a different area of the label. Online bad-tag detection and removal system assures maximum quality, reliability, and readability of labels, company reports.

NEW Rollem InsigniaX3 machine cutting 30mil thick laminated materials

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