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A Helping of Corn
An all-natural hot beverage cup has been launched by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) and International Paper (IP). The cup is lined with a bio-plastic made from the fully renewable resource of corn. After use, and under proper conditions, it will break down into water, CO2, and organic matter. Paul Coney, VP of environmental affairs at GMCR, says, “Converting to this cup will mean nearly a quarter of a million pounds less of non-renewable petrochemical materials every year.” Adds an IP spokesperson, “Consumers will notice no difference as they enjoy coffee with this cup, but the environment will.”
International Paper —PFFC-ASAP 317.

More Corn?
The Coated Products Operations of Green Bay Packaging, Green Bay, WI, offers EcoVantage p-s label films made from a PLA polymer derived from corn. The polymer from NatureWorks, a Cargill co., is fully compostable and can be used as a soil amendment. Film's glossy surface is treated for enhanced ink adhesion. Material handling characteristics are similar to polymer, says Green Bay, and film is stiff and strong for high-speed converting.
Cargill—PFFC-ASAP 318.

Fast and Juicy
Graphic Packaging Intl. (GPI), Marietta, GA, has teamed up with Oscar Mayer to offer hot dogs that are juicy and ready to eat after 35 sec in the microwave. Oscar Mayer Fast Franks are individually wrapped in a microwavable paperboard tray that uses GPI's QuiltWave active microwave packaging to heat the bun so it's soft and warm, while fully warming the hot dog at the same time.

NEW Rollem InsigniaX3 machine cutting 30mil thick laminated materials

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