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Shafts Easy to Handle
Goldenrod Corp.
, Beacon Falls, CT; 203/ 723-4400; 800/465-3763;
The 1260-LF ultralight aluminum multiple bladder 3-in. leaf shaft, at less than 24 lb/in. of assembled body, is said to be the lightest weight 3-in. shaft on the market. Bladders are easily accessible and can be replaced in 10–15 min. Suited for light-duty single- or multiple-roll applications.

New Kit for Small Box Machine
Brandtjen & Kluge
, St. Croix Falls, WI; 715/483-3265; 800/826-7320;
A new fold hook kit is available for company’s Small Box Machine. This optional feature enables users to convert auto-lock boxes in-line at speeds to 5,000 pph. Applications include pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other specialty packaging products.

Corona Web Cleaner Offered
, Kolding, Denmark; +45 76300333;
The CC-Plus corona cleaner is described as a narrow web combination for web cleaning, corona surface treatment, and static neutralization. Space-saving unit can be mounted cantilevered and has all connections on the back. Offers easy film threadup, quick-change cartridges, and easy integration and maintenance. Can be used stand-alone or integrated into machine.

Wide Web Cleaner Offered
Teknek Europe
, Inchinnan, Scotland; +44 141 568 8100;
Double-sided web cleaner is 3.5 m (11.5 ft) wide and has the ability to clean down to a level of 1 micron and smaller at speeds to 400 mpm (1,300 fpm). Can be mounted as part of an integrated cleaning and inspection unit on top of a web guide system immediately after the unwind station.

Custom Widths Web Cleaner
Polymag Tek
, Rochester, NY; 800/787-0830; Water wash traversing web cleaner uses contact cleaning roll technology and cleans to 1-micron particle size. Custom designs are available from 30–126 in. wide in web design speeds to 2,000 fpm.

Clean Dust, Debris from Material
Haug Static Control
, Williamsville, NY; 800/714-8331;
The Static Air 08 noncontact web and sheet cleaner removes dust particles and small debris from film and paper. Reportedly will not damage or scratch material. Equipped with high-output ionizing bars, system also features special nozzles with economical compressed air consumption that sweep unwanted particles toward the vacuum head of the unit.

Clean Parts with Jet Spray
Graymills Corp.
, Chicago, IL; 888/graymil;
The Tempest jet spray top- or front-loading series of aqueous cleaning units features a load capacity to 2,000 lb and fluid capacity to 500 gal. Has a gear-driven turntable and a mechanical door seal, meaning there are no gaskets to replace.

Roller Covering Cleans Webs
, Mequon, WI; 262/512-9559;
Jemm-Tac is a proprietary elastomeric sleeve featuring a tacky surface capable of picking dirt and contaminants off of moving webs. Able to slide over existing idler rolls, it is available in rolls 400 in. long or in cut lengths, in a wide range of sizes from 1.5–6 in. dia.

Clean Webs, Keep Operating
R.G. Egan Equipment
, Webster, NY; 585/671-0465;
Automatic web cleaning system is a combination of contact cleaning rolls with off-line automatic roll cleaning. Turret is installed so one of the contact cleaning rolls has positive contact with the moving web. The other roller is off-line being cleaned by company’s automatic roll cleaner, allowing continuous operation without interruption. Available in wide or narrow web designs.

Cleaning is Uniform, Effective
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200;
Ultrasonic cleaning system offers direct-drive rotation for guaranteed constant rotation. Also offers power depth adjustment said to lower the roller into the cleaning solution and stop automatically at the optimum distance for the most effective, uniform cleaning. Zone cleaning reportedly extends the life of the roller and ultrasonic equipment.

NEW Rollem InsigniaX3 machine cutting 30mil thick laminated materials

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