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Products for Cut-Sheet Labels
FLEXcon Co.
, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200;
COMPUcal Excel 20449, 21449, and 22449 are designed for cut-sheet laser and color laser printing. They are backed with a patented 91# release liner with LAZRmatch technology for what is said to be efficient converting, imaging, and application handling, and designed for automotive, electronic, industrial, and agency recognition labeling applications. Excel 20449 (clear), 21449 (white), and 22449 (silver) are UL-recognized, 2-mil, matte, topcoated polyester films coated with high-performance, permanent acrylic adhesive. According to company, products offer print versatility with impact, laser, EB, wax, resin, and wax/resin thermal transfer.

Splice Feature Is a Grabber
KTI/Keene Technology
, South Beloit, IL; 815/624-8989;
Automatic butt splicer now features the “Tail Grabber,” designed to utilize the maximum amount of material on a roll by detecting when the web is released from the core, then “grabbing” the tail for making the splice. Control of the web is maintained while the splice is being made, company reports.

Holographic Films Make Dazzling Labels
AET Films
, New Castle, DE; 302/326-5500;
Mirage holographic label films, said to perform very well as can and bottle labels in low-shrink and nonshrink, roll-fed applications, now are available in embossed and embossable base films. Also suitable for folding cartons, gift wrap, ribbon stock, and flexible packaging, films are reported to provide excellent clarity and gloss with a “dazzling” reflectivity.

Turret Easy to Use
Martin Automatic
, Rockford, IL; 815/654-4800;
The STS compact turret is designed to make company's roll-changing technology accessible to narrow web printer and converters. Offers simplified operation and maintenance, company says.

Rollem Insignia6 Flexo-Magnetic Die Cutter runs inline w/ Chameleon folder/gluer

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