The 411 on RFID, Part 3

A New Definition

Readers of this report will, in all probability, consider themselves to be part of the labeling business either as a supplier or a converter. But I would

In-Mold: A Changing Market

An estimated 200 million sq m of in-mold-labeling materials were used in North America in 2003 and volume growth continues at an estimated 4%/annum. More

Release Liners: Challenges Ahead

The world's largest market for release liners is self-adhesive label stock. At the 2004 AWA Global Release Liner Conference, held in Helsinki, Finland,

Protecting Brands

Counterfeit goods are predicted to account for 10% of world trade by 2005-2006. The search is on for the ultimate security label, particularly as legislation

Tolerance = Tight

Retrofitting servo drives on its narrow web presses gives Discount Labels the ultimate in precision and control.

Get the Narrow Web Flexo Fundamentals at Fox Valley Technical College

The Foundation of the Flexographic Technical Association (FFTA) presents the Fundamentals of Narrow Web Flexo Printing at Fox Valley Technical College, Sept. 13 - 16, 2004.

What's New in Narrow Web

New products from: GEW, Raflatac, and Wasatch.

The Wider World of Narrow Web

For all of your networking, new product, and narrow web needs, Labelexpo America presents

What's New in Narrow Web

New from: AET Films, FLEXcon Co., KTI/Keene Technology, and Martin Automatic.

Keeping Score

Using incentives to motivate employees pays off for Consolidated Label, named "Best Managed Company" by TLMI.

RFID Experts Group Moves to AIM Global

A group of RFID (radio frequency identification) expert advisors initially chartered by the US Department of Defense will become an expert advisory group within AIM Global, the industry trade association for RFID and the automatic identification industry, reports AIM Global, the trade association for RFID.

Wine/Beverage Label Converter Revamps Workflow with Artwork Systems' Nexus

G3 Enterprises, a converter of wine and beverage labels, has chosen Artwork Systems' Nexus workflow software to revamp its label production workflow.

Weber Offers RFID Initiative

ARLINGTON HTS., IL Weber Marking Systems has established Initiative 2004, aimed at providing the systems and supplies to help companies meet RFID compliance

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