All Tape Supplies Offers Anti-Friction Tapes


TILBURG, THE NETHERLANDS | ATS–All Tape Supplies introduces ETSB1000 and ETSB2000 anti-friction tapes. ETSB 2000 embossed version and 1000 smooth version are designed for covering rollers and guide rollers in the printing and adhesive industries. Company says removing the roller to be covered is usually not necessary.

Both tapes comprise a silicone-coated fabric with a self-adhesive tape said to ensure an optimum adhesion to the rollers. The ETSB 2000 version has a dimpled surface that largely prevents deposits of adhesive material. ETSB 1000 is also very adhesive material repellent because of the smooth surface and also reportedly offers an excellent anti-slip effect on smooth substrates.

Company reports tapes are alternatives for tesa 4563 and tesa 4863 and are commonly used at both tape manufacturers and tape converters as well as for the flexo printing industry for roller protection purposes.

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