Secrets Uncovered at TLMI

CHICAGO, IL | With a nod to Agents 86 and 99, Get Smart was the theme of the Tag & Label Mfrs. Inst. (TLMI) Technical Conference, held September 8-10

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Splicing Agent Can Be Recycled Multipurpose splicing agent 64437 for common repulpable adhesive tape applications includes attaching substrates to cores

Disposing of Disposables

For its innovative Needle-Trap label system, Schreiner MediPharm, Blauvelt, NY, earns a WorldStar Award in the pharmaceutical category from the World Packaging Organization.

Collectible Cups

IGH Solutions, Inver Grove Hts., MN, partnered with Unifoil Corp. to manufacture the eye-catching metallic KROM cup.

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Flexo Concepts, Plymouth, MA, has donated a MicroClean Model 48 unit to the press demo center at Mark Andy

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User-Definable Printhead The multi-option 760 printhead is based on company's patented multi-pulse greyscale technology. It is user-definable and delivers

Digital Pay Off

Tapecon describes itself as a leader in providing superior quality custom decals, labels, and printed electronics. To ensure a comfortable lead in the

Crime Stoppers

Protecting branded products from counterfeiters is a fast-developing market that offers opportunities for converters. Are you getting your share of this high-value business?

Tape Makers Merge

Easthampton, MA | Stik-2 Products has merged with Dielectric Polymers, Holyoke, MA, and the two entities will operate as Adhesive Applications (

Digital Detection

Online digital authentication uses a direct link between a brand product examiner and a secured computer that automatically performs a “genuine or fake” verdict. This provides an instant warning if fakes are uncovered, enabling brand owners to react rapidly to combat defrauders.

Forensic Packaging

Counterfeiting is far from victimless; it's also nothing new. What is new is its scope and diversity, which is creating parallel markets in many product categories.

Simpsons Stamp-Worthy? D'oh!

Simpsons Stamp-Worthy? D'oh! Launched in 1990, The Simpsons earns a commemorative USPS postage stamp to celebrate its 20-year anniversary, and it makes

Security 'Pro-Gram' Launched

Printpack Inc., Farmingdale, NY, has developed a combination shrink sleeve label with tamper-evidence for Nutrex Research's Pro-Gram sports supplement.

Radiation Reader

Radiation Reader OneDose, manufacturered by Sicel Technologies, Morrisville, NC, is a patient dosimetry verification system that measures radiation dose

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WHAT'S NEW PRODUCTS Slitter Has Many Benefits Model TBS60 slitter features a web width of 610 mm, an unwind diameter of 800 mm, a rewind diameter of 610

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