In-Mold Labels | How To Start an IML Project


In-Mold labeling (IML) gets growing attention on a worldwide scale. IML originally started as a European technology to decorate plastic packaging; today, however, it is a technology available worldwide. Another opportunity to discover all you need to know about IML is the upcoming NPE show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The fair will take place April 1–5 and is expecting more than 55,000 visitors.

Printing Company Verstraete, a leading producer of IML labels, is partnering with more than 20 companies (mold producers, IML automation, and injection molding machines), resulting in seven systems using Verstraete’s IML labels.

Verstraete IML bookletIn order to guide visitors through the different IML systems at NPE 2012 and to make sure they get all interesting information, Verstraete is distributing a free IML booklet of 32 pages, available at (The guide contains a full list of technical data on each IML system, as well as useful information about how to start an IML project and an overview on recent IML label innovations.

Koen Verstraete, general manager, explains: “We are really proud that seven systems at NPE 2012 will use Verstraete IML labels. IML is really turning into a global plastic decorations technique. During the past years, we have seen a significant growth of the use of IML in both North and South America. We have been able to establish a market leader position today, and we expect IML to be a highlight at NPE this year!”

A team of IML label specialists from Verstraete will be available during the show at the seven booths showing multiple thin wall packaging applications with IML. Koen Verstraete continues: “We truly believe that the IML label supplier should get involved in the early stages of the development of a new IML project. Giving advice about the do’s and don’t’s on the different substrates we can offer, as well as highlighting the cost drivers of each label really helps to turn each IML project into a success. Our recent innovations, such as Metallic IML labels and IML with light or oxygen barrier are getting a lot of interest from the market.”

If you are looking for IML at NPE 2012, make sure you get the ‘Verstraete NPE IML booklet’ at

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