Entries Now Open for Plastics Design Competition

SPI is seeking entries, including flexible packaging, for the International Plastics Design Competition; winners will be honored at NPE2012

BOPP from Toray Plastics (America) Offers Matte, High-End Look

Torayfan KMS1 BOPP film with matte finish, a broad heat-seal range, and low COF provides excellent printability and a distinctive look for snack foods

Solar Farm Is Latest Green Initiative from Toray Plastics (America)

Toray celebrates the launch of a three-acre solar photovoltaic farm expected to cut energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions

Malaysia Welcomes M-PLAS and Boasts Positive Results

M-PLAS 2011 celebrates the plastics and rubber industry in Malaysia, where the demand for high-end products in growing

Jury Is Announced for DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards

An impressive panel of judges will evaluate entries for innovation, sustainability, and cost/waste reduction in the DuPont packaging awards competition

K 2013 Will Show How Plastics Move the World

The role of plastics in mobility will highlight the 2013 K Show, offering climate-compatible energy and transport concepts in multimedia presentations

Mohawk Buys Synthetic & Paper Supplier Bravo Solutions

Mohawk Fine Papers, manufacturer of fine papers for commercial and digital printing, finalizes the purchase of Bravo Solutions, a supplier of specialty synthetic and paper substrates for digital printing

McNeely Plastics Orders VAREX Blown Film Line from W&H

Mississippi-based McNeely Plastics of the Sigma Plastics Group has purchased another VAREX coextrusion line from Windmoeller & Hoelscher to increase the company's capacity and position itself for growth

Amcor Flexibles Expands Blown Film Capabilities

MUNDELEIN, IL | Amcor Flexibles has installed a Windmoeller & Hoelscher nine-layer, high-performance blown film line in a controlled environment at its

Elastomers with Energy Benefits

Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers offer enhanced sealability, improved adhesion, inherent elasticity, toughness, and broad polyolefin compatibility.

Plants for Pretzels

A bag created for Snyder's of Hanover organic pretzels uses raw materials that are 90% plant-based, part of the "Project EarthClear" packaging initiatives of Clear Lam Packaging, Elk Grove Village, IL

Extruder Is for Foam

The 94-mm, 36:1 L/D counter-rotating twin screw foam extruder, developed for high-output PE foam processing, allows for melting, mixing, and cooling with

Business Formed To Buy Post-Consumer PLA

CONCORD, CA | BIOCOR LLC is a new venture in the business of buying, aggregating, and processing post-consumer polylactic acid (PLA). BIOCOR will capitalize

Sekisui Restructures

LAWRENCE, MA | Sekisui Voltek, a developer of high-performance, flexible polyolefin substrates, announces a corporate restructuring. In an effort to streamline

Get Cleaner PET

EvoSeal EVOH sealant film is called an ideal inner ply for laminated barrier films used in regular, stand-up, and zipper pouches in the food industry.

Gusset Boards Are Light

Gusset boards are said to reduce friction, eliminate heat buildup, and weigh almost half as much as traditional wooden gussets. Newer designs allow for

Danafilms Expands Coex Capacity

WESTBOROUGH, MA | Danafilms announces a 50,000-sq-ft expansion of its Franklin, KY, facility, doubling the size of the plant to make room for a new Windmoeller

SGIA Backs G7

FAIRFAX, VA | The SGIA is backing the G7 calibration method that enables screen and wide-format inkjet printers to produce a similar visual appearance

Substrates Offered in Short Runs

HP Indigo-compatible substrates, with 12 new entries, are topcoated with company's DigiPRO TC-338 or TC-413 topcoats and can be shipped in five days or

Resin Offers Downgauge Opportunities

Enable mPE 35-05 grade resin for tough, stiff, high-clarity films expands company's portfolio of metallocene PE resins. Reportedly provides converters

Poultry Film Shrinks Tightly

PermeLid film is breathable, high-abuse shrink lidding film for poultry runs on standard tray/lid equipment. Offers tight shrink, anti-fog, and high-gloss

Resin Enhances Shrink Applications

A film extrusion grade of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), designated 9903D-10, extends the commercial glass transition temperature range down to 33 deg

Shrink Film for Beverages

Polyphane Fit roll-fed shrink film delivers shrink ratios to 50%. Targeted primarily to the beverage category, product can wrap up to 60,000 bottles/hr;

Topcoated PP Is Tough

Product 3-2363 is a 2.0-mil, clear gloss topcoated PP with permanent adhesive and siliconized polyester liner. Topcoating is said to provide good resistance

Tube Film for Many Products

Apex 7862 barrier tube film can be formed into an easy-to-seal, easy-to-open, single or sample-use tube package for a wide variety of healthcare, personal

LDPE Tough on Contaminants

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) food packaging LDPE film seals at low temperatures and maximum f/f/s speeds, even with contaminants such as blood, fats,

Next Generation Orders 5th Varex

LINCOLN, RI | Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp. has sold a three-layer Varex coextrusion line to Next Generation Films, Lexington, OH. It is the fifth W&H

Nature's Noodles

Innovia Films Nature Flex Compostable Film Used for Bags of Nature's Farm Gourmet Pasta

Get Plastics Questions Answered

LARAMIE, WY IDES has created a new service, Ask IDES, that connects plastics professionals to people who know the answers to their design, processing,

US Demand for Nonwovens To Reach $6.3 Billion

CLEVELAND, OH Demand for nonwoven roll goods is projected to rise at a 3.7% annual rate to $6.3 billion in 2013, according to a new study from The Freedonia

Enercon Corona Technology

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