Silver Lining Starts to Shine

Those gray clouds that have been hovering over our global economy are starting to lift, allowing the silver lining to shine through. For many, it can't be too soon. Regrettably, some industries still are experiencing the present ravaging recession, including the publishing industry, yet surviving companies continue to move forward.

Indicators in the converting industry are tracking upward for 2010, according to PFFC's exclusive annual survey “Critical Trends” (see p26). Here you'll find comparative data collected since 2006 for the following sectors: flexible packaging; unprinted rolls and sheets; labels, tapes, and tags; and paperboard packaging. Because of space restrictions, not all data from past years are reflected in this year's coverage, but you can track historical responses by visiting the section on PFFC's website titled Special Reports ( Combined with this year's responses, this information serves as an excellent tool for benchmarking your company's performance.

Several of the more remarkable responses this year deal with converters expectations for business. All four sectors overwhelmingly indicate positive expectations compared to the past two years. As well, R&D — the life source of our future — increased in 2009 for 27% of respondents as compared to 19% in 2008. To get a more rounded perspective of the economic trends, I urge you also to review the Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators' (AIMCAL) Economic Index at as well as on PFFC's website at

Speaking of AIMCAL, the entire PFFC staff offers congratulations to the organization as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. With its cooperation, PFFC contributing editor Deborah Donberg has assembled a Special Report (starting on p33) that details the association's accomplishments with particular emphasis on the past ten years. During this past decade, the association has experienced phenomenal growth in terms of membership, due in large part to its value and many benefits made available to all employees of member companies. AIMCAL's Converting School offers possibly the most comprehensive selection of technical workshops, conferences, and seminars in the industry throughout the year and throughout the globe. The organization increasingly has taken on a more global profile with members hailing from a diversity of countries, justifying its name change as of Jan. 1, 2011, to the Assn. of International Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators. Appearing to be a subtle change from AIMCAL to AIMCAL, admits executive director Craig Sheppard, the goals and objectives are anything but subtle relative to its global reach for providing resources and services the world over.

One more bit of news — contributing editor Kelly Robinson celebrates a full year of “Static Beat” columns in PFFC. We are proud to have him as part of our family!

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