Fluid Metering Inc. Duplex Pumps Are Valveless


SOMERSET, NJ | Fluid Metering Inc. (FMI) offers OEM Duplex Metering Pumps that consist of two company’s valveless pump heads directly coupled to a single variable stepper motor drive. The displacement of each pump head is independently adjustable, and a variety of pump head sizes can be used in combinations to achieve dispensing ratios from 1:1 up to 500:1.

STH and STQ Duplex metering pumps, recommended for diluting and proportional fluid control with ±1% precision for medical and analytical Instrumentation, feature company’s patented CeramPump valveless piston pumping technology and are the valveless-syringe alternative to conventional syringe pumps. The CeramPump has only one moving part in the fluid path—a sapphire-hard ceramic piston—which is said to accomplish both pumping and valving functions, without valves.


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