Durex Industries Opens On-Line Store

CARY, IL | Durex Industries recently announced the opening of its Thermal Solution On-Line Store. The On-line Store includes more than 7,000 heaters, sensors, and temperature controllers with most products deliverable in 2 working days.

Product categories available today include:

  • Heaters: Flange Immersion, Screw Plug Immersion, Cartridge, Cast DFX Circulation, and Quartz and Ceramic
  • Sensors: Mineral Insulated Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detectors, General Purpose Thermocouples, and Thermocouples for the Plastics Industry
  • Temperature Controls and Transmitters: Standard Temperature Controls, Temperature Control Consoles, and Temperature Transmitters

Customers can easily link to the On-line Store. Simply go to the Durex homepage and click on On-line Store or directly through the BUY DUREX link at http://buy.durexindustries.com/.

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