Giving Adhesive Coating Its Due Respect

Adhesives are a coating in the converting world that do not get a lot of respect. However, when you look at the market of adhesive coating, the technology requirements and process expertise can be just as demanding as some higher tech type coatings in the electronics, optical and energy storage worlds. Considerations are similar, with an understanding of the economies playing a larger role.

Coating Matters | Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Coating

When looking for process, product, and profit improvements for your PSA tapes and labels, consider going back to the drawing board

Novamelt to be Acquired by Henkel

The Novamelt location in Germany, where hot melt p-s adhesives are produced, is expected to play a key role in the integration of the two companies

Coating Tech Institute 2015 Registration Open

This year’s event, a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experiences with an operating coating line, takes place at Chemsultants

University of Minnesota Offers Coating Course

The annual Coating Process and Fundamentals short course for industry professionals looking for a deeper understanding of the processes

Dow Chemical Adhesive Aids Fast Compliance

MOR-FREE LPlus1 high-efficiency, solventless laminating adhesive is said to aid compliance with food legislation and improved machinability

Nordmeccanica to Celebrate New Facility

Company will feature live demonstrations of lamination and web handling at opening of new, larger North American location

Sung An Machinery Opens Coating Center in Korea

The Solution Coating Technical Center will offer customer trials and demos, toll coating, and R&D for the coating industry

Dual Spiral Systems Offers Compact Die

The DSS Compact Coex die is said to provide many benefits with less height and weight

AIMCAL Awards | Golf Balls & Ceramic Balls Are Game Winners

Product & Technology of the Year Awards praise Hazen for Titleist golf ball sleeves and cartons and SAM N.A. for slot die with internal ceramic ball for uniform coating profile.

Coating Matters | Construction Materials for Coating Equipment

Mark Miller helps you identify the right material selection for tooling that will carry fluid to your substrate

Conflicting Flow in Coating

Coating flow forces battling for control.

AIMCAL Offers Converting School Connect

Training event has flexible options and includes time for individual appointments and small discussion groups

Coating Matters | Membrane Process Technology

Here are a few theories to guide your decision making for achieving the thin coatings needed for filtration

Spooner Industries Welcomes VIPs

The UK manufacturer, enjoying success in sales, proudly showed off its facility and equipment to the chancellor and prime minister

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