Dyna-Tech Launches UV Tactile Coating

DynaCoat UV-3327 reportedly offers rapid curing at high speeds as well as scuff resistance

AIMCAL/SPE Recognize 10 Outstanding Technical Papers

AIMCAL & SPE honor 10 presentations for technical excellence at a joint conference for Web Coating & Handling and FlexPackCon in Naples, FL.

ExxonMobil Adds Resin Grade to Portfolio

Exceed 0019XC for coating and laminating is said to offer high seal and hot tack range with no compromise in processability

ITW Dynatec Upgrades Bulk Adhesive Melter

The new DynaDrum bulk adhesive melter now features Dynacontrol V6 controls, said to integrate easily with other PLCs

Nordson Expands Service in Mexico

Company names Bernal Industrial agent in Mexico and increases direct support to the area

Kluge Acquires Olec Coater Lines from Fabcon

The Olec brand of roller coaters reportedly will support Kluge in becoming a global provider of print finishing solutions, including digital print

Coating Matters | Optical Films Require Multiple Layers

When coating optical films, should the fluid layers be coated and dried or built up via deposition?

Chemsultants and Coating Tech Slot Dies Form Alliance

The partnership is expected to enhance product development in the prototyping and coating of fluids and adhesives

AIMCAL Joins with Fraunhofer to Organize Conference

The organizations are partnering to present the 2016 AIMCAL Europe Web Coating & Handling Conference

ITW Dynatec Launches Precision Slot Die

ExactCoat turnkey precision hot melt slot die system offers guaranteed application performance

Foil Substrates: Handling, Web Control & Substrate Interaction

What makes coating foils different than coating plastic or paper substrates? Handling and web control are definitely different for foils than films or paper, but the fluid substrate interaction is also important.

ACTEGA Kelstar Adds Blister Coating Technology

BlisterKote water-based coating technology is said offer excellent adhesion and allow the use of a wide variety of materials

Nissha Printing Acquires AR Metallizing

Specializing in metallized paper for labels, AR Metallizing boasts labels that provide ecological and sustainability features

Sun Chemical Launches Lamination Adhesives in Latin America

Company joins parent company DIC to produce and distribute SunLam lamination adhesive technology throughout Latin America

Coating Matters | Energy Storage Devices

From lithium-ion batteries to capacitors to solar panels, one common feature is they are all produced through a coating method

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