ISCST Symposium Continues Tradition of Connecting Academia with Industry

The 15th biannual Symposium of the International Society of Coating Science and Technology (ISCST) was held September 12–15 in St. Paul, MN, where opportunities flourished for networking and for the exchange of information between academia and industry. The Symposium traditionally has provided a forum for both academic and industrial researchers to discuss the latest research on application and solidification of thin liquid films.
An impressive attendance list included 300 people from 13 countries, representing 85 companies and 25 universities. Lorraine Francis was chair and Blake Kolb was co-chair. For the next ISCST symposium, the date is slated for September 2012 in Atlanta when Blake Kolb takes over as chair, and Marcio Carvalho is co-chair.
A total l00 technical papers and posters were presented, focusing on a wide range of R&D topics:
            • Coating and printing challenges in the energy industries
            • Coating application processes
            • Nanomaterial and nanoscale coatings
            • Processing and science of biomaterials
            • Patterning and discrete object coating
            • Drying and solidification
            • Flow and drying of particulate coatings
            • Wetting
            • Coatings surfaces and structure  

Several awards were presented at the Symposium to deserving recipients, including the following:  

  • The John A. Tallmadge Award recognizes an individual's significant contributions to the understanding or improvement of the technology of the coating of continuous webs. The 2010 recipient was Prof. Ramon Cerro from the Univ. of Alabama, who was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of coating science by experimental and theoretical research, exemplary teaching and mentoring, and cultivating university and international collaborations.
  • The L. E. Scriven Young Investigator award is given in recognition of outstanding sustained achievements or one-time breakthroughs in the area of liquid film coating science and technology. Those nominated for this award must be 40 years old or younger at the time of the award. The recipients were Prof. Satish Kumar and Prof. H. Pirouz Kavehpour. Prof. Kumar was recognized for outstanding sustained contributions to the mechanics of solid-fluid interaction, exemplary teaching and mentoring, and distinguished service to the coating community. Prof. Kavehpour was recognized for his innovative work in the fields of interfacial fluid mechanics and direct observation of precursor films ahead of wetting contact lines.
  • The Edward D. Cohen Innovative Technology Award is bestowed to the presenter of the paper at the 15th International Coating Science and Technology Symposium which describes innovative technology that will most significantly impact the overall web coating and drying processes in areas such as process energy consumption, energy generation, reduced waste or environmental needs. Recipient Benjamin Schmidt-Hansberg earned this award for the paper “In-situ monitoring the film formation of solution cast polymer-fullerene blends for organic solar cells.”
  •  A Founders Award marked the retirement of Edgar Gutoff from the ISCST Board for his ongoing contributions and service to the growth and development of the ISCST. He organized the first International Coating Symposium, and he presented outstanding technical papers that attracted scientists and engineers to the ISCST. In addition, he was an ardent solicitor of people to join the ISCST, and he insured that they would be welcome and participated. He instituted Continuing Education courses in coating technology that trained many coating scientists and engineers.
  • The ISCST Board presented a second Founders Award to Edward D. Cohen for his vision and efforts in founding the ISCST. He was founding president of the society and led its growth to become a premier international society in the research and technology of the application and solidification of thin liquid films.

Officers of the ISCST include the following: President: F. Miguel (Michael) Joos; VP (Americas): Andy Hrymak Americas; VP (Europe): Hadj Benkreira; VP (Asia): Ta-Jo Liu; treasurer: Doug Bousfield; secretary: Bob Fermin; past president: E. J. (Ted) Lightfoot.

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