Nordmeccanica, Dow Hold Earth Day Demos

EDGEWOOD, NY | On April 28, Nordmeccanica's 3rd Annual Earth Day event was held at its US headquarters. Co-hosted by Dow Chemical (owner of the former Rohm & Haas), Piscataway, NJ, the event drew more than 50 attendees from the entire flex-pack chain, including representatives of the major converters.

The event was divided into two sections. In the morning, a sustainable structure was laminated using Dow's Mor-Free L 75-168 with Mor-Free C-140 adhesive system. The laminate was a waterborne ink (courtesy Environmental Inks and Coatings) printed on Innovia film, laminated to clear Plastic Suppliers' EarthFirst brand film. The printed film was converted courtesy of Portco Packaging, Vancouver, WA.

The afternoon session consisted of demonstrating a lamination of a high-barrier structure with no outgassing-related defects, despite the high lamination speed. Adhesive was from Dow. The attendees also enjoyed a superb Italian lunch and pre-conference dinner.

Greg Grishenko, converting specialist of The Packaging Group, says the synergy between Nordmeccanica equipment and Dow Chemical adhesives really works. “The laminate generated had excellent optics and bond strength.”

John Norder, commercial director, Packaging & Converting Adhesives, Dow Chemical, says, “The value of the event was demonstrating the commercial viability by bringing together film, ink, adhesive, and equipment suppliers and their latest sustainable technologies in one place. Not a sales promotion, just a demonstration of what's possible for the converter.”

Vincenzo Cerciello, VP technology, Nordmeccanica, adds, “It has been a pleasure to host the third annual event with Dow. We have developed a consistent cooperation and the final result is of good value to the customers of both companies.”

The entire event was planned and executed by Nordmeccanica's commercial director, Giancarlo Caimmi, who declares, “We are very pleased at the turnout for our third annual Earth Day event. We plan to do this in 2011.”

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