AIMCAL and CEMA Boards Say 'Yes' to Strategic Merger

FORT MILL, SC, USA—The Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL) reports its Board of Directors, along with the Board of Trustees of the Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA), have voted to merge the two trade organizations. According to AIMCAL, if approved by the members of both groups, CEMA will become part of AIMCAL, which will create an organization with more than 200 member companies, with the CEMA division focused on the interests of converting equipment producers.

Says Craig Sheppard, AIMCAL executive director, "It's important to note this merger is being driven my strategic opportunity, not economic need." He adds, "Both organizations are strong financially and could continue to prosper as separate entities. [But] bringing equipment suppliers and converters together will help both sides develop and implement new technology, improve efficiencies, build business, and establish new relationships."

CEMA expects to conduct its membership vote this September at its annual fall meeting; AIMCAL reports its membership vote will take place at the organization's annual winter meeting, which is slated for March 2003. If approved, CEMA members will join AIMCAL's membership roster, but will remain a part of the group's CEMA division. In addition, AIMCAL members will be able to participate in both traditional AIMCAL activities and CEMA division programs.

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