Box Maker Cuts Energy Costs

Niagara Sheets benefits from a customized energy savings plan developed by WPS Global.

WPS Global, Milwaukee, WI, has developed a customized energy savings plan for corrugated sheet feeder Niagara Sheets, North Tonawanda, NY, to reduce kilowatt consumption. By creating a facility-specific plan, selecting equipment, and placing it based on the customer’s needs, significant electrical savings reportedly can be achieved.  Just 90 days after implementation in August 2009, Niagara Sheets had realized more than $10,000 in savings.

According to John Bolender, president, "To survive, I feel Niagara Sheets must be a low-cost producer, and reducing our energy costs is one element of that strategy. The data so far already demonstrates a nearly 15 percent reduction in kilowatts consumption compared to [2008]."

Low-Risk Decision
Serving corrugated, paperboard, and packaging businesses, WPS Global is an energy management organization. Each system placed by WPS Global is unique in that it is custom-designed to directly reduce kilowatt consumption for each individual facility.

According to William Behrmann, president of WPS Global, the company offers a 10% reduction guarantee with each plan. "For financial and sustainability reasons, decision-makers want to know if and how we can reduce the amount of energy and make it more efficient."

Before implementing WPS Global’s audit and plan, the Niagara Sheets’ executive team was tracking energy consumption and usage according to monthly KWH per MSF of production. With the solution in place, the team will receive reports from WPS Global, making it effortless to see energy consumption and cost savings every month. According to Bolender, the executive team anticipates seeing an ongoing positive impact on the facility’s bottom line.

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