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Coatings Create Sales Opportunities

New coatings for corrugated are said to improve the performance of packaging to help create new market opportunities. Product line is designed to offer protection from water, moisture, oil, and grease damage and reduce insect infestation. Said to accentuate whites and color graphics.
Michelman | 800-333-1723 |

Resins Good for the Earth

Dacrex and Ultra-Guard resins provide high water resistance and low formaldehyde levels for environmentally responsible corrugating applications. Both are thermosetting resins that crosslink corrugating starch-based adhesives to develop varying levels of water resistance. Both are compatible with all starches, company says, and do not shock the adhesive system upon addition or use. They contain a red color indicator for proof that water resistance has been achieved.
National Adhesives/Henkel Corp. | 800-797-4992 |

Specialty Gluer Has 12 Positions

On the 12-position specialty gluer with counter/ejector, the bottom sheets are fed from a table at the front of the machine into the gluing transfer section, where glue is applied to specified locations for the 12 die-cut circle pads to be applied simultaneously. Sheets then proceed through a compression section to the PLC-controlled stacker, where they are automatically stacked and ejected in bundles without interrupting production.
ADI/PDM | 912-564-2400

Money-Saving Ink Pumps for Corrugated

Quick Change Peristaltic Pumps require less maintenance, reduce ink foaming, offer variable speed flow control, and lower operating costs. Have a reversible feature to recapture lost ink for additional cost savings. Diaphragm pumps offer fewer parts to service for cheaper maintenance costs and larger ink passages to minimize clogging.
Graymills Corp. |

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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