Pregis Offers Predictive Tech Support


DEERFIELD, IL | Pregis Corp., a global provider of protective packaging materials and systems, reports it is setting a new industry standard for maintaining and servicing foam-in-place, air cushioning, and paper-based protective packaging equipment through its proprietary predictive PX3 tech support system. 

The system, which combines software, personnel, parts management, and a 24/7 service hot line, is designed to anticipate and predict machinery service needs before an expensive downtime event occurs.

“Our customers’ top production priorities include operating equipment as efficiently as possible and avoiding downtime which can lead to thousands of dollars in lost productivity,” says Tom Wetsch, VP, global new product development, Pregis. “[We] have already engineered its equipment to minimize downtime; the PX3 system takes that one step further.”

In the case of Pregis’ air cushioning equipment, for example, the company’s extensive database is able to predict when certain parts should be switched out before they fail. The objective is to be able to execute the service within minutes when the line isn’t operating vs. having to call a technician after an entire line goes down.

“The PX3 system allows us to manage our fleet of equipment by capturing the physical location and ‘wear’ type. This allows us to help our customers better control their productivity, as well as our own staff’s efficiency,” says Wetsch.

Reportedly, the PX3 system also helps guide the company’s engineering of the next protective packaging equipment generation. The data is used to understand what components should be modified as new technologies are developed.

The system supports Pregis’ entire line of protective packaging equipment including the IntelliPack foam-in-place line, AirSpeed air cushioning and Quantum Geospeed paper units.

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