Smurfit-Stone Earns Awards from PPC and PLGA

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. has earned a Gold award and four Excellence awards in the PPC’s 2005 National Paperboard Packaging Competition, as well as two packaging awards and an honorable mention from the PLGA.

Smurfit-Stone Earns Safety-Awards from PSSMA

The Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturers’ Assn. (PSSMA) has honored three Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. multiwall bag packaging plants with 2004 Plant Safety Awards.

Positive Projections

Paperboard packaging provides advantages in the distribution, marketing, protection, and preservation of thousands of consumer goods, reports the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC). These apparent advantages may be key to the positive sales projections forecast for the paperboard industry this year.

Winner's Circle

What happens when you cross elegance with form and function? The Best of Show winners of the 55th Annual National Paperbox Assn. Packaging Competition are a gleaming example.

Truth or Myth?

There are many proposed theories that might influence the slide angle. We tested extensively to determine if these postulations are true.

The Board Identity

Members of the Paperboard Packaging Council convened once again for the association’s annual spring meeting.

Foil Stamping: Let it Shine

It’s shelf appeal and security that are driving foil stamping. And it looks like there’s no end in sight.

Smurfit-Stone Launches New Innovation Center

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. has announced the opening of its new Innovation Center at the company’s Carol Stream, IL, facility.

PPC Reports Folding Carton Shipments Show Sustained Growth in 2004

According to the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), December was a strong month for folding carton shipments, which increased 4.3 percent by value and 2.8 percent by volume year-over year. For the full year 2004, folding carton shipments grew 4.4 percent by value, and 4.3 percent by volume. Based on projections, the folding carton market reached $9 billion in 2004. Measured by volume the market grew to 5,825 thousands of tons.

Digital Gone Wide

While many within the converting industry still weigh the benefits of digital printing, Carolina Container Co., a 76-year-old corrugated converter, took a giant leap forward eight months ago. Looking to create new opportunities for its ever-growing point-of-purchase and display business (and most recently the trade show arena), the company created Digital Highpoint, a division solely dedicated to all that is digital.

Packaging Easy for Seniors, Tough for Kids

Stora Enso and Bosch have joined to introduce PharmaPak SHR, a customized packaging solution comprising an automatic cartoning machine, a novel package

Apollo Sheeter Helps Polish Converter Grow

When the Polish economy began to grow in preparation for the country's entry into the EU, paper converter Gemipap decided to grow with it. Having already

The Cutting Edge of Sheeters

In the converting industry, "clean-cut" is more than just a professional fashion statement. It’s an important factor in the decision to purchase a sheeter. In the same way you don’t buy a new suit without trying it on, you must be sure a particular sheeter is the "right fit" for your company.

Roots & Realized Dreams

Established as a two-machine operation before 1920, Burrows Paper today boasts a dozen facilities. With a brand new F&K press, its newest packaging plant provides the promise of a thriving future.

Embossing Impacts Form and Function

Diamond Packaging, Rochester, NY, knows the value of an embossed package. In April, the converter took Best of Show honors in the annual competition sponsored

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