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If you are a consumer product company, printer or converter, I can extend you a 2015 INFO*FLEX VIP Pass (May 4-5 2015) because we're exhibiting at INFO*FLEX. . . and I'm nice!

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Goin' to Orlando for ICE USA! http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12698-goin-to-orlando-for-ice-usa http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12698-goin-to-orlando-for-ice-usa

The International Converting Exhibition—ICE USA—spans February 10-12 at the Orange County Convention Center in sunny, warm Orlando, FL

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Holiday News & a PFFC Gift for You! http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12601-holiday-news-a-pffc-gift-for-you http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12601-holiday-news-a-pffc-gift-for-you

Wrapping paper, a converted product, is still a must-have during the holidays, but consumers also want to be sustainable in its use. PFFC announces The Converter Community Message Board.

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Brussels Regulations To Impact Print/Packaging Industry http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12534-brussels-lregulations-to-impact-print-packaging-industry http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12534-brussels-lregulations-to-impact-print-packaging-industry

The European Commission will enforce new regulations in December that will impact brand owners, printers, and the packaging industry.

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AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference Packs 'Em In http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12483-aimcal-fall-technical-conference-packs-em-in http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12483-aimcal-fall-technical-conference-packs-em-in

The Assn. of Intl. Metallizers Coaters & Laminators Fall Technical Conference hosted nearly 380 attendees and awarded Matteucci Technical Excellence Awards.

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Plastics Recycling and Sustainability http://pffc-online.com/management/12188-plastics-recycling-and-sustainability http://pffc-online.com/management/12188-plastics-recycling-and-sustainability

NPE2015 introduces Zero Waste Zone pavilion featuring green technologies, recycling demos, showcases, education to find workable solutions.

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PFFC WEBINAR: How to be Successful at Solventless Laminating—Best Practices http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12070-pffc-webinar-how-to-be-successful-at-solventless-laminating-best-practices http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/12070-pffc-webinar-how-to-be-successful-at-solventless-laminating-best-practices

An on-demand  Solventless Laminating webinar moderated by PFFC's Yolanda Simonsis addresses best practices.

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German Perspective: Economic Forum 2014 http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/11876-german-perspective-economic-forum-2014 http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/11876-german-perspective-economic-forum-2014

The German American Chambers of Commerce and the Representative of German Industry and Trade sponsor the Economic Forum 2014.

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Online Courses for Radiation Curing Applications in NY http://pffc-online.com/print/176-eb/11822-free-online-courses-for-radiation-curing-applications-in-ny http://pffc-online.com/print/176-eb/11822-free-online-courses-for-radiation-curing-applications-in-ny

Lucky for Central New York businesses planning to use radiation curing in their manufacturing processes . . . They are eligible for free online courses.

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Abusive Patent Litigation Bill Passes, Gets Bipartisan Support http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/11681-abusive-patent-litigation-bill-passes-gets-bipartisan-support http://pffc-online.com/blog/yolanda/11681-abusive-patent-litigation-bill-passes-gets-bipartisan-support

US House of Representatives passes the Innovation Act to deter abusive patent litigation.

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