Zip-Pak's New Retortable Zipper Provides Even More Consumer Convenience

MANTENO, IL, USA—Zip-Pak reports the introduction of a new Zip-Pak retort zipper, calling the development "a major leap forward in packaging technology." According to a Zip-Pak press release published on, the advancement provides converters and food marketers with resealable zipper technology that withstands the high temperatures required during retort packaging.

Says Robert Hogan, director and sales and marketing at Zip-Pak, "Retort pouches and bags are gaining wide popularity worldwide, and so is the demand for multi-serve portions. The addition of a resealable feature enhances the convenience that a package provides. Consumers can now protect and store unconsumed portions of a product in its original package—something a can simply can do." Hogan adds the resealable feature can provide brand owners with a new advantage over canned packaging.

Zip-Pak says its retortable zipper is composed of a unique resin blend, adding that preliminary testing has been favorable, showing it can withstand temperatures to 250° F (121° C) for 30 minutes without losing zipper performance. "The strength required for repeated opening and resealing is retained," reports the manufacturer's press release, "and the heat seal that bonds the zipper to the packaging film stays permanently intact." Zip-Pak adds the new zipper can be sized to different widths and configurations and runs with ease on most pre-form pouch machines. The co. expects the product to be commercial by this summer.

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