New Plastic Bag Resource


MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA—A new consumer plastic bag Web site, is the latest tool to be added to EPIC's growing list of plastic bag resources. The new site was designed specifically for the general public, providing Canadian residents with the tools they need to find out where they can recycle their plastic shopping bags.

Plastic bags are recycled into other valuable products, such as new bags or plastic lumber used for decking, siding, garbage bins, and park benches. In fact, the plastic composite lumber market is growing at a rate of 14 cents per year and is expected to be a $1.4-billion industry by 2007.

The site provides a list of municipalities that offer curbside or depot recycling for plastic bags, as well as a separate database of retailers in the country that offer take-back programs for plastic bags. The service is free of charge.


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