RFID in the Air Industry and Land Transport


As the RFID business grows from $2.8 billion to $26 billion in 20016, transport will take a fair share. RFID in civil air transport alone will rise from $42 million in 2006 to $667 million in 2016, according to IDTechEx. A major component of this growth will be baggage tagging systems and tags at $20 million in 2006 rising to $100 million in 2006.

In transport in general, there is a boom in RFID tickets and cards to improve security and speed of transaction and some are increasingly usable for general purchases. Twenty million of the new e-passports are being issued this year, with RFID labels for security and automated recording of movements. That figure soon will reach 40 million yearly as over 50 countries adopt them.

To learn more, read "RFID in Airports and Airlines 2006-2016," available at idtechex.com.

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