Examining Biocides in Plastics


DUBLIN, IRELAND—The Biocides in Plastics report examines the use of biocides in plastics with reference to material types and application requirements. As well as biocidal performance, the in-process stability, migration, leachability, light, and heat stability all may be factors. The commonly available biocides are reviewed and details of their strengths and weaknesses are provided. The author reviews the frequently used test methods for fungi and bacteria, and, in an ever-changing regulatory environment, explores the influence of legislation on the current and future use of such biocides.

This report will be of interest to biocide suppliers and plastic product manufacturers, and to all professionals requiring information on biocide chemistry and application. This review is supported by an indexed section containing several hundred key references and abstracts selected from the Polymer Library database.

For a complete index of this report, visit researchandmarkets.com/reports/c25151.

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