Sun Chemical Raises Prices on Packaging Inks


NORTHLAKE, IL, USA—Effective October 1, 2004, Sun Chemical increased prices three to seven percent on all packaging inks and coatings for flexible, folding carton, and paper packaging sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The increase reflects the steady rise in raw materials and oil prices.

Other leading factors contributing to the rising costs include environmental compliance, freight, and escalating employee health care costs, says Richard Pettifor, Sun Chemical VP and president of North American Packaging Inks. "In addition," he continues, "we also have seen prolonged shortages on some key materials such as titanium dioxide, nitrocellulose resins, and acrylic acid-based derivatives where producers have either stopped or cut back production in North America. Meanwhile, many products are on allocation and there is no price relief in sight."

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