Gravure Assn. of America Calls for Papers for 2005 Meeting in Philly


ROCHESTER, NY, USA—The Gravure Association of America (GAA) has issued its call for papers for its Gravure Expo 2005.

According to GAA, the theme for the 2005 technical conference is Gravure: The Revolution Continues. The event will include sessions and topics designed to satisfy a variety of needs.

Two types of sessions are being planned for the event: roundtable and panel discussions. GAA says its roundtable discussions generally are less scripted than the panel sessions, and panel sessions will require submitting PowerPoint presentations prior to the conference.

Below are topics for which speakers and papers are being sought:

  • Fingerprinting/Color Management
    (M2, general session panel)
    assessment of the state-of-the-art tool and techniques
    benefits of employing effective systems
  • Laser Engraver Report
    (W1, general session panel)
    users' experiences with laser-engraving systems
  • 4.3m Update
    (W2a, panel)
    printers' and users' perspectives on the new 4.3m press technology
  • Packaging and Product Press Design
    (W2b, panel)
    printer's perspective of new press designs for gravure packaging and product printing
  • Viscosity Measurement
    (W2c, panel)
    What is viscosity? What are the measurement techniques? What are the options?
    What are the trade-offs and limitations of any measurement process?
  • Paper/Ink Task Force Report
    (W3a, panel)
    Is there a means to predict the printability of substrates?
    What has been developed and with what success?
  • Ghent Work Group—Packaging PDF Workflow
    (W3b, panel)
    Buzz words aside, what does the PDF workflow offer?
    What are the current limitations?
    What is the future of PDF?
  • Paper Environmental Report
    (T1a, panel)
    (issues and updates from paper to engraving to printing
  • RFID Inks
    (T1b, panel)
    Printing RFID (radio frequency identification) tags is the next next big printing revolution.
    current printing issues
    status and driving forces for RFID tags
    future for RFID tags
  • Publication Pressroom Roundtable
    (T2a, roundtable discussion)
    What is being done to improve the overall gravure process?
    What are the current hot issues and what revolution and/or evolution is needed?
  • Selling Gravure versus Flexo
    (T2b, panel)
    How do you sell the advantage of gravure?
  • Environmental Enforcement
    (M3, educational session)
  • Defect Identification
    (W3c, educational session)

Interested parties should submit a topic title and/or speaker presentation topic, with a brief summary, by September 10, 2004 to GAA headquarters:

Gravure Association of America
1200-A Scottsville Road
Rochester, NY, USA 14624
ph: 585/436-2150; fax: 585/436-7689
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit GAA at

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