Canadian firm constructs pilot polyethylene plant

A Canadian petrochemical and plastic supplier announced plans to construct a $20 million (Canadian) polyethylene pilot plant.

Novacor Chemicals Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will construct the plant at its existing St. Clair River Sclair polyethylene manufacturing site in Corunna, Ontario. This pilot facility will support the development of a new generation of solution technology and products.

Construction will begin at the St. Clair River site that was purchased earlier this year from Du Pont Canada Inc. In addition to the June acquisition of a 550-million lb./year, high-density and linear low-density polyethylene facility at this site, Novacor also purchased the Sclairtech technology and worldwide licensing business.

"The current solution process using Sclairtech technology offered for license by Novacor is, and will continue to be, competitive through improvements by Novacor and its licenses," Alec Monro, marketing manager, Sclairtech licensing, said. "Any new generation processes will preserve the flexibility, efficiency and broad product line capability of the current process. Consideration for licensing new developments or technology will depend on future strategic, technical and economic factors."

"This investment also solidifies Novacor's long-term commitment to the polyethylene industry and allows an opportunity for further expansion of our polyethylene business," Saj Maqsood, vice president and general manager, said.

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